Agglorex Judomats

A recently modernised and well-equiped production line guarantees that the AGGLOREX - Judomat has a perfect finish and correct sizes, meeting the severest specifications for safety, comfort and durability. This explains why the AGGLOREX - Judomat is often preferred for national and international championships like the Panamerican Championships Miami 2008, the European Championships 2008 Lisbon and the World Championships 2009 in Rotterdam.

Composition of the AGGLOREX - Judomat

•The interior consists of a specially developed AGGLOFOAM for Judomats        (100% rebonded PU-foam) in various densities to suit a variety of disciplines        within the Martial Arts.
• Top and sides of the mat are fully laminated with a strong and hygienic judomat vinyl with rice-straw pattern; the corners are sealed. Cotton covers are available as well.
• Anti-skid bottom of waffle rubber, also fully laminated and edges finished all      round with a hotmelt reinforcement.